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Congo Kickers

  • Congos Kickers

Congo Kickers is an exciting program for children aged 3 to 6 years. The program introduces children to soccer in a fun environment by specializing in activities which encourage young children to develop their physical and social skills in a team setting.
The program runs on Saturdays throughout the season at Phillips Park at 10am.

Under 6 & Under 7 (Mini Teams)

At this age teams consist of six players (including a goalkeeper) on a ‘mini’ field. All free kicks awarded are indirect and there is no off side rule. Games are played on a home and away basis against other clubs but are deemed as ‘social games only’ with no finals or competition winner awarded.

Under 8 to Under 10 (Small side games)

Games at this age are played on a smaller field, with smaller goals set up on the penalty box of a full size field. There are nine players on each team (including a goalkeeper). The normal laws of the game are applied including offside and direct free kicks. The games are played on a home and away basis and are ‘competition matches’ with finals played and a competition winner awarded.

Under 11 to Under 18

Games are played home and away on a full size field. All games are ‘competition games’ with finals played and a competition winner awarded.Lidcombe CSC_logo