Semi Finals

August 20, 2016 all-day
Freame & Jones Parks

Please refer to the Congo Newsletter of 24 August 2016 for a report on semi final games played.

  • Under 8 (TIGERS) vs Guildford McCredie (White) at Freame Park, Rees St, Mays Hill at 8.30am
    Meet at Freame Park No Later than 8am
  • Under 11 vs Guildford McCredie (Red) at Jones Park (2), Banks St, Mays Hill at 10.30am
    Meet at Jones Park (2) No Later than 10am
  • Under 12 vs Hills Spirit at Jones Park (1), Banks St, Mays Hill at 11.30am
    Meet at Jones Park (2) No Later than 11am
  • Under 14-3 vs Dundas United (Black), Progress Park (3), Corner of Killeen St and Chisholm Rd, Auburn at 9:45am
    Meet at Progress Park (3) No Later than 9:15am
  • Under 15 vs Dundas United, Coleman Park (1), Georges Ave, Lidcombe at 10am
    Meet at Coleman Park (1) No Later than 9:30am